Water Damage Restoration in San Diego

How to File a Water Damage Claim

Water damage coverage varies with each situation, so it's important to understand the details of your homeowners insurance policy. If your policy covers your current water damage issue, then filing a claim should be no trouble.

Follow these steps so your insurance company can replace or repair the damaged areas or items of your home.


Policy Evaluation

The first step is to evaluate your policy to make sure water damage is covered under your current plan. Don't assume that your policy covers your specific water damage situation, either.


Many homeowner policies only cover minor water damage like when a pipe bursts. But extensive water damage repair might not be part of your policy. For example, flood coverage is not included in your basic plan.


Carefully read the details of your policy before taking any steps to file a claim. Contact your insurance provider after confirming that the policy covers your specific water damage situation.


Documenting Damages

After confirming that your policy covers your claim, take pictures of the damage and write down any additional details that better explain the situation. Any type of evidence that helps support your claim will be a great help.


Pictures and notes will help your insurance provider with the process of evaluating the damage. Your insurance provider will thank you and you will accelerate the tedious process.


Contact Provider

Once you have evidence of the damage, contact your insurance provider and thoroughly explain your situation to a representative. Provide any further details or evidence requested by the rep so that your claim process can begin. At this point, your insurance rep will guide you to a resolution.



After verifying that your homeowners policy covers your specific water damage situation, take pictures for evidence and write down any details that could help your claims representative speed up the process. You will then provide any other info requested by your provider before calling us for a free estimate.